Four motor sets for TI 45

TI 45 Astrographs, motor sets ready to be tested

Four sets for four TI 45 Astrographs are ready to be tested!

Each set includes: four DC motors with planetary gearbox for the primary mirror shutters and one small stepper motor with planetary gearbox for the 4″ integrated field rotator.


Electronic Board

TI 45 astrographs: electronic boards ready to be assembled

We are happy to announce all electronic boards to be soon on-board of the new TI 45 Astrograph are ready to be assembled and tested.

The entire electronics is based on a main board, a small board to control the field rotator and a board that takes care of the shutters. The firmware and the software is under development.

Telescope Mirrors Parabolic

Schott Suprax blanks ready for polishing

Here are the two blanks Schott Suprax 8488 ready for polishing. They are 456 mm in diameter (to have a useful diameter of 450 mm) and 50 mm thick. They will be processed with parabolic shape at f/3. These mirrors are made for the first two prototypes of TI 45 Astrographs.

Telescope Mirrors Parabolic

Professional Telescopes

Two 450 mm (17.72 inch) Astrographs to be tested in Spring 2014

Welcome to “Telescopi Italiani” – Italian Telescopes! We are engineering our web site.

Italian Telescopes is on the market to develop a New Concept in Astrograph Egineering: both their components and the whole assemply gathering is carried out with a well revamped mentality compared to traditional proceedings.

Two 450 mm Clear Aperture class Prototypes nearly done

The first items which are to be available as prototype are two 450 mm Clear Aperture class ones (17.72 inch) called TI 45 Astrograph. These types are to be undergoing severe tests. Such tests are engineered within the coming 2014 Spring. We expect to be ready to put on the market the full range of Astrographs early summer 2014.Benvenuti, “Telescopi Italiani” – Italian Telescopes! Stiamo lavorando al sito web.