Lightweight Quartz Mirrors – On Our Astrographs Only

The advantages of a near-to-zero CTE material + advantages of lightweight shape = space technology now for our Astrographs

462 mm QUARTZ Blank ready to be figured

Fused Silica (Quartz) performs an awesome thermal expansion coefficient of 5.4 x 10-7/ , 6 time less than borosilicate glasses, harder enough to allow better figuring process and advantage in terms of strength to density ratio.

462 mm quartz blank

TI 45 Telescope Control Software Test #01

First test of the Astrograph Control Software using a smartphone via WIFI. For more informations on our Astrographs, please visit our website: The Control Software is full Ascom Alpaca compliant.


Aggiornamento TI45!

Un po’ di ritardo rispetto alle previsioni, ma ne varrà la pena. La presentazione dell’astrografo TI45 è prevista per la primavera 2016 e ci saranno sorprese molto interessanti (rispetto alle caratteristiche che trovate attualmente sul sito) che sicuramente giustificheranno l’attesa. Ancora un po’ di pazienza…


Thin Carbon tube for extra light baffling

Thin Carbon fiber tubes and rings

Astrograph parts

TI45 Astrograph update: Our vertical CNC at work. Let say…hard work….

Most of the mechanical parts of our TI45 Astrograph are in phase of realization thanks to the hard work of various CNC machines. Great design, all 3D designed and FEM optimized, all CNC made, for the higher grade Astrograph in the market.

Astrograph parts

TI45 Astrograph mech parts

CNC machine

Our vertical CNC machine

TI45 Astrograph mechanical parts

TI45 Astrograph mechanical parts

TI 45 Astrograph f/4 Lens Group

There was something missing! TI45 Astrograph f/4 Lens Group: simply optomechanics jewelery

TI 45 Astrograph f/4 Lens Group

TI 45 Astrograph f/4 Lens Group

Indeed there was something missing! Now a beautiful inscription on the metal tells us what we are talking about. We are a bit ‘late, but here we come!

We do not call them “correctors”! They are simply the “lens groups” that are part of the optical design. So… “Triplet ED Lens Group”. They are for the TI 45  Astrograph in f/4 mode. Very soon we will show the f/8 mode “lens group”.

f/4 correctors

The first three TI45 astrograph f/4 correctors are ready!

The first three f/4 correctors are ready. They are 126 mm of optical diameter (about 5″) and have three elements, one of wich is an ED lens.

This high-end design corrector is the core of our new optical design and thanks to this the optical performances are so awesome (see Optical Performances).

The primary and secondary mirrors are ready too, and autocollimation tests will start very soon. The f/8 correctors lenses are ready too and they are waiting to be mounted.


TI45 electronic board

All the electronic boards are under test and debugging

All the electronic boards of the TI45 Astrograph are under test and debugging

All the electronic boards of our new TI45 astrograph are now under test and debugging. They will control the 4″ field rotator, the four primary mirror cover shutters, all the sensors, fans, heaters on board, the power outputs, etc.
They will be integrated in the TI 45 Astrograph body.